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Africa's rainbow nation welcomes you

South Africa

„…after 29 trips through South Africa you might almost call it my second home!“

It’s nice that you are interested in my favourite country!
South Africa, also called the rainbow nation, offers everything you can wish from a vacation.

South Africa is three times as big Germany. You will find no country that is more diversified. The best way to get a good impression is going on an ample circular trip in your own hired car.

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
You should spend at least three whole days there.
It never takes more than 20 minutes to get from any place in the city to the great outdoors. Do you know any major city where this is the case?

The Garden Route reminds you of Europe.
The landscape often resembles the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea.

The South African people are very friendly and outspoken.
It is a current tradition to invite guests to the braai, a barbecue.
The South African wine will eternize the evening.

There is no danger in travelling within the country as long as you keep to the rules of “common sense”.

The South African animals surely are the greatest allurement.
A safari is the climax of every trip to South Africa.
Once you experienced the “out of Africa” feeling, you will not get rid of it.

I would like to tell you so much more about my favourite holiday destination. Just call me and we will make an appointment or send me an e-mail and you will get your individual offer.

Yours faithfully,
Andreas Hack

Gayway to Afrika
Gayway to Afrika
Gayway to Afrika
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