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The idea of the Pink Route for gay trips

When I got an invitation to a meeting with the GALACTIC (Gay & Lesbian Association of Cape Town Tourism Ind. & Com.) in 1998 in the run-up to the INDABA (the biggest tourism exhibition in South Africa, takes places every year in Durban), the topic “gay trips” was still unknown.
I did not know it either!

It was luck for my business that I was the only tourism professional (in the world) who responded to this and since then I offer gay trips. But as a human it was a bad surprise that there is so little tolerance and interest towards gay trips. So today, the business efforts have turned to a personal commitment. That was the beginning of the Pink Route.

From this, the following relevant issues, that ensure the benefit of all guests, derived for our company philosophy:

  • Individuality, creativity and personal service
  • Reliable, gay friendly partners who know the milieu in situ
  • Personal travel experiences from more than 30 trips through the south of Africa
  • Private contacts to most of the gay hotels, lodges and B&Bs
  • Detailed and individual travel offers and route descriptions

Please contact me directly if you have got questions or wishes about trips through the south of Africa.

Gay Safaris-Spezialist
Der erste der "Rosa Elefanten" - Andreas Hack

Gayway to Afrika
Gayway to Afrika
Gayway to Afrika
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