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Safari in the Kruger National Park
Imposant: der Löwe
Hotel tip: BERG EN DAL Restcamp
This wildlife camp is located in an idyllic scene only about 20 minutes by car from the Malelane Gate. The ...more

Hotel tip: COROCODILE BRIDGE Rest camp
The southernmost camp is located at the correspondent bridge which is the entrance/exit.
It is a small camp with a ...more

Hotel tip: LETABA rest camp
This beautiful older camp is located at the Letaba River ( a very central place in the Krüger National Park). ...more

African Buffalo
Hotel tip: LOWER SABIE rest camp
This rest camp is a classic among the rest camps!
The animal population is said to be the biggest and ...more

Hotel tip: MOPANI rest camp
The Mopani rest camp is located in the northern part of the KNP.
The bungalows are adapted to the surrounding ...more

Sonnenuntergang am Olifants River
Hotel tip: OLIFANTS rest camp
To me, the Olifants rest camp is one of the most beautiful rest camps.
This rest camp is located centrally ...more

Hotel tip: ORPEN rest camp
The rest camp is rather plain and rustic.
Thus, it is ideal for camping fans. There are only a few ...more

Hotel tip: PRETORIUSKOP rest camp
Information will follow!
I have not been there myself yet.
General statement: the rest camp is ok!!! ...more

Hotel tip: PUNDA MARIA rest camp
This rest camp is located in the far north of the KNP.
It is an older and bigger rest camp in ...more

Hotel tip: SATARA rest camp
The Satara rest camp is one of the main camps in the centre of the KNP.
It is the ideal ...more

Hotel tip: SHINGWEDZI rest camp

Information will follow.
I have not tested it until now.

Price from 24.- per person


Hotel tip: SKUKUZA rest camp
The Skukuza rest camp is the biggest one in the Krüger National Park.
It provides almost 750 beds and a ...more

Am Olifants River
Hotel tip: The rest camps in the Krüger National Parks from A-Z
What are rest camps?
The nationally controlled rest camps in the Krüger National Park are like little villages with a ...more

Some final information about safaris
Going on a safari may also mean:
- Wait ceaselessly while being hungry and thirsty
- Exciting experiences with animals ...more

The Krüger National Park
Dear South Africa friends, safari guests and animal friends, before I went on my first trip to the Krüger National ...more

Gayway to Afrika
Gayway to Afrika
Gayway to Afrika
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